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We STRENGTHEN UK business through effective CHANGE solutions from our 5th Generation Family Firm.

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Leaders and Boards

Mentoring | Board Skills | Facilitating Effective and Productive Meetings | Strategy Days

Improve Productivity

We work with you and your leadership team to unlock productivity improvement using: Design Thinking | Problem Solving in Productivity Rooms | Lego Serious Play® | Business Model Canvas |

Are you still using the right route to your customer?

Unscramble the Noise

We help you unscramble the noise that impacts decision making so that you and your leadership team can plan and lead with clarity.

Focused on Business and those who work with them

As experienced business educators, we work with those who want business to thrive in the UK and specialise in:

Mentoring for leaders | Lego Serious Play® to unlock change rapidly | Productivity Rooms for leaders and leadership teams | Business Model Canvas |
Customer Led Innovation
with Design Thinking | Facilitator Development Rooms | Programme Design and Delivery | Family Business | Research Projects and Evaluation

Adapting to the change!

Change is inevitable in business and in life! Keeping pace with that change is challenging when running your own thing! We facilitate business change using tools which challenge your thinking, develop your problem solving capacity, improve productivity and put the customer at the heart of decision making!

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BUILD or REVIST your Business Model!

Get the PLAN and the NUMBERS or SPOT GAPS with a visual, living BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS

from £350 plus VAT (half day)

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MENTORING it’s all about YOU and getting you to where you want to be.  You may be a Founder, a Leader, an Entrepreneur, a new leader taking on additional responsibilities, a Family Next Generation leader looking to hone your skills.

From £80 plus VAT / Month

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Unlock CHANGE with Lego Serious Play, we are a certified providers of this approach which is ideal to unlock the full potential of your TEAM – and to encourage everyone to participate, contribute and commit to the solution!  Effectively strengthening your leadership teams’ problem solving capacity and getting tangible action, rapidly!

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Research Projects and Evaluations: Get the ANSWERS...unscramble the external and internal noise.  We spend the time finding the answer so you don’t have to!

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INTERVENTIONS of RELEVANCE …We work with Universities and Public Bodies to design and deliver the best business interventions specifically designed to strengthen SMEs in the UK.

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Keeping ON IT

Are you spending too much time on the wrong customer? Why is keeping ON IT so important? Keeping ON IT allows us...

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Our Story


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients say about us!

Claire Armstrong

Founder, Big Beans Design

I can’t thank Keith and Jacqui Jackson at Thomas Jardine & Co. enough! They helped me with my ideas, and gave advice on strategy, innovation and leadership, to get me from concept to delivery… without them I might of still been in the pub tearing up beer mats while pondering on my thoughts… They helped make my ideas bounce! Highly recommend to all business sizes – Get in touch with them, you will thank me for it

Jennifer Notman

Founder, Rainbow Wishes Foundation

Knowledgeable, friendly, and super helpful.
Keith and Jacqui are amazing at what they do! They have helped unscramble my brain many times and given me confidence to make decisions for my business.

Dan Jesse

Managing Director, Sparrow Digital Ltd

Jacqui and Keith took me on a journey through creating my own Business Model Canvas, and I loved it. They asked all the questions that really made you think and guided you to your own answers. This was really important as it helped me keep my business true to me, rather than being told what I should and shouldn’t do. They guided me with best practices and helped me fill in the blanks I’d left.

I came away from the meeting with such clarity and drive to achieve my business goals, and a set list of “to dos” to get started with.

Down to earth and far more knowledgeable than I can describe. They’ve been there and done that with their own business, they’ve put the hours in and learnt firsthand exactly how hard it is to run a business, and they genuinely will give it their all into helping you succeed at what you want to do.

I can’t recommend these guys enough, to any size of business.

Ricky Beaty

Founder and Cloud Nerd, Beaty Consultancy Ltd

Jacqui and Keith are that super rare combination of extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and professional, whilst also being warm, generous and fun to be around. Their passion and enthusiasm for businesses, big and small, is obvious for everyone to see. Can’t recommend Thomas Jardine & Co highly enough.

Rachel Suddart

Managing Director, Words by Rachel

What a brilliant, inspiring and very useful afternoon. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and it has left my mind awash with ideas and possibilities.

Adrian Cresswell

Managing Director, AM Support Services Ltd

Hearing the news from Jacqui that she was embarking on resurrecting her family businesses name and her vison of the new venture was great news, not only for Jacqui but also the local business community as I feel Jacqui has so much to offer them. My experience working with Jacqui over the last 18 months facilitating our group has certainly helped my business, her in-depth business knowledge is just first class and she always delivers advise that is clear and concise.

When I look for key roles within my own business I look for people whom are entrepreneurial, focused and have a can do, roll your sleeves up and get stuck in attitude, if a crisis ensues I can honestly say that Jacqui is someone whom you would want on your team.

I wish Jacqui, her family and Bruce and Luke’s Coffee all the success in the world and I am confident with Jacqui’s visionary skills, success is only around the corner.

Sandra Cottam-Shea

Managing Director, SCS Logistics Ltd

Jacqui has a range of highly developed academic capabilities and business skills, these make her versatile, knowledgeable and a go to person for advice. Working under Jacqui’s tutelage at Lancaster University gave me the opportunity to see what really counts in business and that is people skills.

Jacqui guided, coaxed and encouraged a diverse group of people running very diverse businesses and we all came away with the same understanding and confidence. We all felt very different to each other when we embarked on our LEAD course but by the end we acknowledged that we all had the same fears and challenges and that skills definitely are transferrable.

Apart from all that she is also a wonderful human being so you can’t go far wrong

Andy Hooper

Managing Director, Westlakes Engineering Ltd

As part of a group of business owners that meet regularly to review our businesses, Jacqui is a real asset to our group and is hugely respected for the insights and challenges that she offers to each of us. Jacqui is very calm, and considered in her views, always constructive and non-judgemental, she draws on her knowledge and experience to add value to each of our businesses, and to guide and encourage us in developing our businesses further. You know this comes not from a textbook, but from having been there, done it and got the t-shirt. If the opportunity arises for Jacqui to provide you with some support take it, you won’t regret it.

Karen Reilly

Director, Hayes & Finch (Est. 1883)

I had the advantage of having Jacqui as a mentor and guide whilst following the Lead programme at Lancaster university.

As a director and non family member of a 4th generation family business, managing shareholders can be more challenging than managing the direction of the business. Jacqui has a wealth of experience in matters surrounding the management of family businesses. By a process of carefully listening to the particular concern, absorbing the info and then encouraging engaging dialogue, Jacqui supported my personal development of constructively challenging my problem solving skills for the benefit of the business. Her calm manner and friendly personality has a way of putting everyone at ease no matter what the situation.”

Jerry Marwood

Managing Director, AF Blakemore & Son Ltd

I’ve worked with Jacqui on three different occasions as both a colleague and as a consultant to our business, what was common to the experience was the level of understanding that she has of the way that business works from both the stakeholders’ perspective and in indeed the ultimate customer. The ability to look at a business from a 360-degree perspective and clearly see how to create shareholder value at the same time as delighting our customers is quite rare – Jacqui has it. The added benefit is that she is passionate about what she does and sensitive to the team around her which makes her a great team player and a pleasure to have around.

Gill Hall

Managing Director, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses Ltd

I’m very exited about Jacqui’s new venture for start up or aspiring businesses to come together in a supportive environment.

Personally I have found being part of a peer group with like minded companies invaluable in developing my family food manufacturing business. Jacqui has facilitated my group and brought a level of discipline and knowledge that has helped propel me and my business forward. I find her quiet yet steely style uplifting and I am constantly inspired by her depth of knowledge across a wide range of food retailing and family business issues, based on her personal experience.

The business mentoring, I have received from Jacqui has helped me navigate some challenging family business issues for which I am very grateful.

Good Luck in your new venture, access to support is exactly what start ups and small businesses need.

Lloyd Hemment

Start Up Business, UStart

Thank you very much for our last session. I’ve really appreciated the support and the clarity it has supported me with.

Dima Jarrar

Start Up Business, UStart

Thank you very much Keith, it was a pleasure to talk to you and these sessions have been really helpful.

Mark Butler

Managing Director, Butler Interiors Ltd

I have been involved with the Peer-Peer programmes supported by Jacqui, Keith and Tina for the past 3 to 4 months. It has been extremely beneficial on both a business and personal level and a programme I would certainly recommend to others. I found the one to one sessions with Jacqui and Keith extremely thought provoking and this has given me the confidence to explore new opportunities for my business.

Karen Blows

Managing Director, KB Scaffolding Ltd

As we are all busy in our day-to-day working lives it was refreshing to take time out with Jacqui, take a step back, and work on the business instead of always working in the business.

Emma Sherlock

Chief Operating Officer, Stan Sherlock Associates Ltd

Jacqui and Keith have been great. Access to their knowledge and experience has been invaluable and really allowed us to look at our business and strategies with a fresh pair of eyes. It’s easy to get bogged down by the day-to-day grind as a business owner so having time with both Jacqui and Keith to focus on growth, development and planning was fantastic.

Catherine Coulthard

CEO, Prism Arts

I think the support we have had has been wonderful – thankyou! It has been a very strange time and leadership can be a lonely please – so having the space to share and discuss with both the group and Keith and Jacqui has been extremely valuable.

Ben Fisher

Managing Director, AB Energy Ltd

I found the peer to peer network program extremely helpful in assisting me and my business to grow, it is very well run and executed.
I would recommend Thomas Jardine & Co to anyone looking to develop themselves and their business and move forward.