Are your key activities still key?

Are you spending too much time on the wrong key activities?

Why are key activities key?

We all start key activities because they add value to our customers. Or we introduce them because they are key to controlling our business costs. If not checked these activities can become time eaters and stop being key to your business.

Just take time to think.. Do you run a Monday morning meeting because you always have done?  Are there spreadsheets that are religiously completed but never referred to? Or do you send out monthly surveys to customers and get less and less responses? Are your once key activities still key?

Keep ON IT to keep activities key

The activities you set up as a business founder to keep on it can become the beast that drags you into the day to day running of your business.  Because this process is gradual, like the frog in the pan of gently heated water you can eventually end up boiled alive.  By stepping back from the business and questioning if the activity is key you can focus your energy on maintaining genuine key activities.

The habit of stepping back and questioning the activities you set up is a hard one to keep.  It is not self criticism, it is the act of continuous improvement.

ON IT maintaining key activities or ‘in it’ stuck in repetitive activities are both habits

Running a business is full of doubts which will drain your energy.  Focusing on improving your business renews your energy and will save you time. We know habits are maintained by the company we keep. If you are trapped in repetitive tasks then your energy drains and your time disappears. We know, if you have a group of like minded peers you can maintain a habit that uses your energy ON your business.

Want to get ON IT?

It’s all about creating the right habit.  It’s about applying your energy to increasing performance. Our habits are best formed with others. We are setting up the new ON IT Club this year.  If you want to know more, contact us.

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