Keeping ON IT

Are you spending too much time on the wrong customer?

Why is keeping ON IT so important?

Keeping ON IT allows us to manage our energy on the things that will cost us time. Working on the business uses the same amount of energy as working in the business. BUT it will allow you more time to focus on the businesses performance.  In practical terms working ON IT stops the drift to the wrong type of customer.

Know your customer

Over time has your product or service drifted towards what the loudest customer requires?  Do you find yourself spending more and more time in the business keeping that type of customer happy?  This leads to more time ‘in the business’ troubleshooting where the latest ball was dropped.  Then you may personally spend time pacifying that customer who only speaks to the boss.  If you allowed yourself time to step back and work on the business, you could check you are still selling to the right customer.  Even better move the wrong customer onto a business better suited to their needs.  Imaging the energy you would find if THAT customer was no longer your problem??

In it and ON IT are habits

Imaging a freshly ploughed field with the furrows at the right depth.  Then imagine what would happen if the farmer returned every day and simply reploughed the field without thinking. If you find yourself spending all your time in the business instead of allowing time to work on the business you will simply turn a well ploughed field into a series of very deep ditches…

If you stick with working in the business you will run the business this way because that’s what we’ve always done. Eventually all your energy will be used on the mundane tasks that simply have to be done.  If you create a habit of working on the business you will constantly check that all parts of your business are performing well and you will have the energy to maintain the business that you, your customers, staff and suppliers need.

Want to get ON IT?

It’s all about creating the right habit.  It’s about applying your energy to increasing performance. Habits are best formed with others. We are setting up the new ON IT Club this year.  If you want to know more, contact us.

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