Lovingly Artisan

Lovingly Artisan

My intuitive approach to baking is based on an incredible depth of knowledge, experience and continual study. Inspired whilst studying at the College of Culinary Arts in Boston Massachusetts, I went on to be mentored by experts from Grand Moulin de Paris. Yet my real training continues daily at my mixer, workbench and oven, where I perfect my craft as an artisan. I thrive on adopting old methods with a new way of thinking; such as utilising raw milks, ancient heritage grains and double fermentation within my breads. Being an artisan allows me to pursue my passion for food, produce and travel. I have a great reputation for seeking out a quality coffee shop, a great cookery book and fellow artisans wherever I go.

Plumgarths – Lakeland food park
Crook Road

Phone: 01539736664

Email: info@lovinglyartisan.com


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