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Wellbeing Farm

Change and the food ecosystem

Lancaster University Creating change in the food ecosystem You may have noticed that the food ecosystem is coming to the top of many agendas.  Government and business both recognize the...

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business involved in mentoring


Be the Business Mentoring We wanted to share this opportunity with our network. We know  that one of the most effective ways of developing leadership and management skills and improving business...

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crazy golf

Global Cumbria

Have you noticed, Cumbria has gone Global We really noticed last week how global Cumbria has become. It shouldn't have come as much of a surprise.  We are getting used...

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Child designing their future project

Lead like a ‘bat out of hell’

How do you lead? The last couple of years have truly tested leadership skills.  Many of us now feel we need to retune our leadership style.  This isn't a seismic...

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Gary Martin on change

All change

All change (again) Did you know " may you live in interesting times" is an English translation of a Chinese curse?  We are all living in "interesting times".  Sometimes it...

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Use your time wisely….TRUST

  How do you use your time? There are moments in time that just stick with you.  The other day I heard Noel Fitzpatrick (AKA 'the supervet') on Desert Island...

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Flexible working

Three hats and flexible working

Flexible working...the basic questions Paul Scully the Small Business Minister has four basic questions he needed answered: What are the main advantages and challenges of moving to a four-day work...

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