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Planning in times of change

ON IT Club

So, what’s this all about?  Well we started the ON IT club with the awesome Guild Members in Carlisle.  We are now excited to announce we are introducing it to...

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Maslow new normal

Have customer needs changed?

We all need to focus on what our customer 'needs'.  Strategyzers Value Proposition Canvas is the best tool for this.  This tool works because it identifies what will improve the...

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food hampers

The food eco-system bounces back

Food producers The food eco-system is fundamental to a large number of our regions businesses.  Living on the edge of Scotland and England we are used to bouncing back from...

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COVID wars part IV

COVID wars episode IV a new hope

COVID wars the beginning In a market a long time ago (2019) a small group of independents gathered to fight the global food empires.  Driven by a dream of two...

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Peer to peer group

Where will the future take us?

The Future So many experts are trying to predict the future right now.  One of the best we have seen came from NESTA entitled 'There will be no 'back to...

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