Facilitating change

All change

Change is all around us

The political upheaval we are facing both in the UK and many other countries in the world demonstrates a clear change in people’s tolerance for the status quo.

This is not just in the corridors of Westminster.  Over the last couple of weeks, we have experienced and witnessed change at national, regional, organizational and personal level.

Change at all levels

Thomas Jardine is working on new support for business mentors with Be the Business.  Now more than ever mentors need support as they guide their mentees through the ever-changing business landscape.

Universities are rethinking the way they interact with business.   So, we are working with Lancaster University across three campuses (from engineering to health to the carbon neutral agenda) to help change the way they interact with their business community.

The rise of inflation and the fuel crisis has changed a lot of businesses priority for the green agenda.  We have been discussing this with the Green Edge.  In particular we talked about the impact of the green agenda on the food sector.

At a local level we can see the changing employment market is having a huge effect on our local business community.  This was highlighted at the recent Carlisle Ambassadors Meeting.  Here we heard about the wide range of changing business recruitment, training and retention options available across Cumbria.

Positive change promised

Sitting on Cumbria University’s Business Advisory Board and discussing the huge change coming with their Carlisle City Centre Campus plans

Working with students and alumni from Lancaster University to help them develop their own business plans.

Thomas Jardine is delivering SPARK sessions for Be the Business.  We are also delivering innovation sessions with META on their roadshows from Birmingham to Edinburgh.

Our continuing joy comes from working with business owners as they deal with their growth plans.  And this service is constantly growing.

As part of Lancaster University’s Eco-I NW Innovation Catalyst, Jacqui is working with a brilliant group of Independent Merseyside Businesses who as “Change Champions” are looking to showcase plans for a more sustainable future for the hospitality industry.

Change is inevitable

Change is coming.  We can accept it, fight it or embrace it.  All are relevant choices, just make yours. If you want to facilitate change in your business, give Jacqui a call.


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