Start your business (or not)?

 Is this business idea good or bad?


How ‘hot’ is your need to set up your own business? Is it just a dream that you need to do at some point or do you really need to do it now?

  • IT’S COLD Have you always dreamed of running your own business based on your professional skill set and never made the time to set it up?
  • IT’S HOT You know this is the time to leave your current career path and set up your business.
  • IT’S WARM  you are somewhere in the middle drifting between leave now and now is the wrong time.

What you need to know is do you need to run your own business or do you want to run your own business?

Is your skill set transferable to running your own business?

So many questions to answer for this one. Can you visualize the customers your business would have ? The product or service you offer them, in other words is it desirable? Can you deliver it ,take a deep breath and ask yourself, is it feasible for you to do it?.  Can you see a long term future for your business, would you say the business is viable?

It really boils down to what can you do or make that you can sell to a customer. Can you create a business that over a period of time provides you with the income and time you require.  The big question is do you need to get out of what you are doing now or do you really want to run your own business?

Lots of professionals have very successful employed careers  and lots of successful businesses were set up by professionals.  There is no right answer.  Which is why you can spend an awful lot of time not making the decision to either set up or not set up your business.

How much is your time worth?

Not making a decision takes more time than making one.

If you’re always dreaming of running your own business (COLD IDEA). Ask: what could you do with that time you spend dreaming?

If you really want to set up your business (HOT IDEA). Ask:  how much is the delayed decision costing you?

If you genuinely can’t decide if  you need to run a business or want to run a business (WARM IDEA). We know, changing a need into a want is one of the most life changing decisions you can make. On the flip side, knowing you don’t want something really releases your mind and opens up all sorts of other opportunities.

Invest time to make time

So if you spent three hours to clear your head. Imagine, you could put the ‘COLD IDEA‘ to bed and focus all your time on what you really want to do.  Or, you could decide to commit to the HOT IDEA and start on your business journey.  Better still, you could move your WARM IDEA to HOT or COLD and make some real progress.

There are so many self help books out there that help you through the process.  We’ve no doubt you’ve read a few.  Did they help? If they did, why are you still reading this? If they didn’t then find someone who can work with you to change that idea into something you want to do.

We’re here

If you want to try the process come and talk to us. Happy to have an initial chat to see if we match each other  The cost for a planning session and 3 follow up sessions starts at £590 (plus VAT), if we save you 10 hours a month debating with yourself on that business plan, how long before that’s paid back?

Or if you want to try before you commit.

  • If you’re in Cumbria talk to Lesley as we’re running a Business Model Canvas session for new businesses for them.
  • If you’re part of the new Westmorland & Furness council area then talk to Leslie as we’re part of their 3 hour support package for new businesses.

Contact us ,  think of the time you could save….



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