What’s your opportunity?

what's your gap?

You know the feeling…

That niggling feeling at the back of your head tells you that something is wrong. You are coping with the day to day challenges that business throws at you. You are either on top of the world flying above the competition despite todays business climate but there’s an opportunity you know you are missing.  Or you are managing to keep on top of the day to day pressures that keep on coming your way but there’s a solution you know you are missing.

How do you recognize and develop that opportunity or solution?

Three easy steps

  • First step in opportunity spotting is to know you have one. This is also the biggest step so say thank you to that niggling feeling that told you something was wrong.
  • Second step is to take a step backwards. The old saying ‘seeing the wood for the trees’ is so applicable.  It is time to take a short break and work on your business not in it.
  • Third step is book our new small group session that looks at Strategyzers brilliant Business Model Canvas and identify what needs to change

Working on the Canvas

The Business Model Canvas lays out your whole business in one easily digestible model.

We can help you get the best from this brilliant business tool. Using the canvas properly will allow you to fully develop your business model to plug any gaps you may have.

Thomas Jardine & Co love this canvas and used it successfully with a wide range of businesses for all sorts of issues.

We would love to help

Like all tools , it takes time and practice to use the business model canvas to its full potential.  So even if you are quite familiar with the canvas we would love to help you use it to find and fix your gaps to realize those opportunities.

We (Thomas Jardine & Co) are now running small group sessions of 6-8 businesses solely focused on spotting and fixing your gaps using the Business Model Canvas.  These groups are face to face, held at the brilliant Guild Coworking Space in Carlisle.  If you are from Cumbria then your place is fully funded via Cumbria LEP (subject to their funding criteria).  If your business is based outside of Cumbria you can still join us for £300 plus VAT for a 3 hour group session which will help you develop tangible actions to fill your gaps.


To find out more or to book your place Contact us


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