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How CLEP Cumbria Accelerator Transformed My SME written by new entrepreneur Jobert Fermilan

Our thanks go to new entrepreneur Jobert Fermilan from Morgan Consult & Advisory who wrote this article

As a new entrepreneur and the founder of Morgan Consult & Advisory Ltd, a budding small and dynamic enterprise nestled in the serene landscapes of Cumbria, I embarked on a journey in 2023 filled with both excitement and trepidation. Like many business owners, in this evolving business landscape, the journey has been both challenging and rewarding. I found myself grappling with the changing landscape, uncertain about how to adapt my business for sustainable growth.

Keith & Jobert

Successful Business Model Canvas Session

My Venture into Business Consulting: 

My venture into the world of business consulting and advisory services was a dream I had nurtured for years, fuelled by passion and the belief that I could make a difference. However, I knew that navigating these new waters wouldn’t be without its challenges.

The Birth of Morgan Consult & Advisory Ltd: 

The decision to embark on this entrepreneurial journey was driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in my field. As an SME based in Cumbria, my vision was clear: to offer specialised project management consultancy and advisory services to businesses in need, with a primary focus on Civil Engineering, Construction, Nuclear, Defence, and the Renewables sectors.

Facing the Challenges of a Changing Landscape: 

Launching a new venture amidst the backdrop of a fluctuating national economy and the myriad challenges faced by businesses across the country was undoubtedly a daunting prospect. The uncertainty of the times had many entrepreneurs, including myself, grappling with questions about how to adapt, survive, and thrive in the ever-evolving business world.

Discovering the CLEP Cumbria Accelerator Program: 

It was during this critical juncture that I stumbled upon the CLEP Cumbria Accelerator program, a beacon of hope for SMEs like mine. This program promised not only guidance but a tailored approach to addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses in the Cumbria region.

The Turning Point: Meeting Keith Jackson at Thomas Jardine & Co: 

My journey took a significant turn when I had the privilege of meeting Keith Jackson from Thomas Jardine & Co, who was introduced to me as part of the CLEP Cumbria Accelerator program. Keith’s expertise and guidance were nothing short of a game-changer for my business.

Keith delved deep into my business operations, using the Business Model Canvas to scrutinize every aspect. His meticulous examination provided much-needed confirmation and reassurance that my business model and operations were not only sensible but also practical. This validation was like a breath of fresh air in a world of uncertainty and a tremendous boost to my confidence, allowing me to focus on growth rather than second-guessing.

Mastering the Art of Cash Flow: 

Cash flow, the lifeblood of any business, became a focus of our discussions. Keith equipped me with a toolkit of techniques and strategies to enhance cash flow management, ensuring that my business remained resilient in the face of economic fluctuations. Through a range of techniques and financial management tools, I learned how to navigate the tricky waters of cash flow management effectively. This knowledge has proven invaluable in my day-to-day operations.

Leveraging My Network: 

As an entrepreneur, I understand the power of networking. My extensive contacts and relationships in Civil Engineering, Construction, Nuclear, Defence, and the Renewables sectors have not only opened doors but have also allowed me to provide essential support to businesses in these industries.

The CLEP Cumbria Accelerator Program: 

The CLEP Cumbria Accelerator program, in collaboration with Thomas Jardine & Co and other expert partners, is a ray of hope for SMEs like mine. It goes beyond offering generic advice; it provides tailored, one-on-one support that addresses the unique needs and challenges of each business.

Through this program, I’ve had access to a wealth of expertise from various sectors, all dedicated to helping me succeed. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving and expanding. The program’s holistic approach covers everything from finance and funding to HR and more. It’s a comprehensive toolkit for business growth.

Moving Forward with Confidence: 

As I continue my journey with Morgan Consult & Advisory Ltd, I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to secure work for my business and extend support to others. The CLEP Cumbria Accelerator program, along with the guidance of experts like Keith Jackson, has been instrumental in helping me navigate the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship.

In Conclusion: 

My experience as an SME founder in Cumbria has been transformative. The challenges of 2023 may have been daunting, but they’ve also been the catalyst for growth and innovation. With a strong business model, sound financial practices, and a supportive network, I am optimistic about the future of Morgan Consult & Advisory Ltd. The journey continues, and I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

The CLEP Cumbria Accelerator program has been a game-changer for my business. It has not only helped me weather the challenges of 2023 but has positioned my business for sustainable growth and success. With the right support and guidance, the future for SMEs in Cumbria is undoubtedly bright. 

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