Innovating for Improvement

Jacqui on stage for be the Business at META Roadshow

Innovation for Improvement

Change builds resilience and we have all experienced significant change over the last two years.  Now is the time to take seize the moment and look at what we can do to innovate in our business systems, our supply chain, and with our customers.  Most innovation isn’t about replacing the wheel; it’s about using the wheel better especially if it is focused on the ‘user’ not the wheel!

Pretty much if it’s new to your business it’s an innovation. Innovation fundamentally splits into three categories: efficient, sustaining and transformative.  Efficient innovation is getting more from less in your current operation: creating more from less.  Sustaining innovation is doing what you do but in new channels or across new locations: creating more with the same. Transformative is creating brand new which involves more effort but brings in more.

Finding efficiencies and targeting growth

In September, Be the Business asked business leaders how they are responding to rising inflation. Their priorities were finding efficiencies and identifying growth opportunities.

Jacqui Jackson presented Be the Business findings at METAs Good Ideas Studio.  The session then focused on how business owners can innovate and develop new ideas, starting with the very best TEAM question ‘How Might We….’ and backed up with rapid Ideation Sprints. We all know that businesses are up against this barrier of time and making sure that the change they make is human centred! Try using ‘How Might We’ to best innovate in your business and see how you get on.

To do this, Design Thinking is your best friend.  Use empathy, know who wants your change/innovation? Define what is really the problem you are trying to fix?  Ideate, use rapid idea generation based on the problem and the person prototype. Build a first possible solution test. Put your change/innovation into the hands of the human it is designed for and take the feedback!

The full video presentation can be found at Good Ideas Studio ( 

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