Innovation for improvement

Meta Roadshow with Be the Business

Jacqui talking innovation with META Roadshow and Be the Business

Innovation for improvement

We all know innovation only improves your business if it is what your business needs.  To check your innovation is needed, there are three questions that are really useful.

Is the innovation desirable.  Ask yourself who wants it and how do you know?

Can you deliver the innovation, is it feasible? Do you have the talent, skills, knowledge to do it?

If the innovation is aimed at your customers, is it viable? Do you have a paying customer with profit that will buy your new product or service?

Ready to Change?

So, you have an innovation idea that is desirable, feasible and viable.  What’s the next steps?

That’s the conversation Jacqui had with a brilliant group of businesses in Birmingham part of METAs Good Ideas Studio.  To set the scene, Jacqui presented findings from Be the Businesses

Productive Index.

This was followed by a discussion on innovation and a full on ‘sprint session’.  If you want to know more the next roadshow will be in Edinburgh on the 11th of November.  Book now or find out more.

Common Barriers to change

The FSBs spotlight on innovation found three common themes why we don’t innovate. We usually say that either we don’t have enough time, enough skilled people or it’s just too challenging to innovate.   Sharing your ‘pain’ with fellow businesses can usually find a way around these barriers.

So, if you’re wanting to explore ways to innovate make sure you start talking to folk who have innovated successfully.  A few suggestions:

If you would like to find out more, we’re always happy to talk at Thomas Jardine & Co.


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