Project Shoutout

Project Shoutout – Help us test our tool and be in with a chance to win a £25 voucher

Hospitality work is tough.  You’re constantly reacting to problems, and you barely have time to think before the next challenge comes your way.

It’s easy to beat yourself up about whether you said or did the right thing, so that’s why we’re creating Shoutout.   It’s a WhatsApp based AI tool that will help you reflect on how you handled situations, and what you might be able to do differently.

We’d love your help testing Shoutout.  It’s very basic right now, but we’re going to start by learning what kinds of issues you want to talk about.

All you have to do is send a whatsapp voice message* to the following number  +447418609506 and tell us about something that’s happened in your day.

“I’m sick of staff not turning up for shifts at the last minute”

“I had to kick a customer out for being offensive to one of the team”

“The cellar is a mess and no-one but me bothers to clean it”

Shoutout will respond and ask you a few more questions to get you thinking.

To thank you for helping us test, we’ll enter every number that submits a voice note this month into a free draw to win a £25 voucher.  The more voice notes you leave, the more chances to win.


*texts are fine too – but we’d love a voice note really!


We will randomly select three winners from all voice notes submitted from a UK based phone number before 31st August 2023, and notify the winners by WhatsApp message.

The Shoutout tool records your statements and analyses them using artificial intelligence to provide responses and to improve our services. By submitting a statement you are consenting to this use.  You can find out more about the information we collect and how we use your information in our Privacy Notice which can be found here:

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