The winds of change

Change in energy: from water power to offshore wind

We are all aware of the need for energy security.  Cumbria has always been at the forefront of supplying UKs energy needs. From water power for mills to coal mines to nuclear and now offshore wind.   All of these technologies have required our workforce to adapt to the new sectors needs.

Cumbria has established itself as one of the hubs for UKs offshore wind sector.  Along with The Green Edge , Thomas Jardine & Co have been appointed by Cumbria Chambers to look at the changing Cumbrian skills implication for this growing sector.  This LSIP (Local Skills Improvement Plan) research is funded by the Department for Education via the Cumbrian LEP.

We are looking at the ambition Cumbria can have supporting this sector. At what this would mean in terms of staff numbers and skills.  When these skills would be needed (from manufacturing to construction to installation to maintenance and operations and decommissioning). Then what needs to be developed to make this happen

So let your voice be heard

We are already talking to various business bodies, colleges, university and businesses but know there is always more to learn.

So, if you have an opinion on the skills the Cumbria Offshore Wind sector requires or will require, please let us know.

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