Wellbeing Culture

What a privilege facilitating a discussion for Be the Business between a group of highly progressive SME Business Leaders and Dr Richard Caddis MBChB MFOM, Chief Medical Officer, BT. The theme ‘creating a wellbeing culture’ and what that really means too business leaders of all sectors and size. First step is…. break out the Maslows and his Hierarchy of Needs , then lean in to the 5 Drivers of Wellbeing:

1: Health
2: Security
3: Environment
4: Relationships
5: Purpose

Of course all of this culture creation and culture change is totally dependent on authentic leadership and being able to really live what you say in your world!

Huge thanks to Dr Richard Caddis MBChB MFOMBe the Business and the awesome small business leaders who joined session one of the #wellbeing zoom series. Check out this great toolkit courtesy of BT here at:

Think differently, do differently and spark change.

Special thanks goes to  Natacha Woodcock Sheena McDermott Paloma Sackman  for making this session happen.

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