Workshop for Next Generation family business leaders to take place in the North West (press release)

One of a kind next generation workshop

A one-of-a-kind workshop ‘The future’s here…it’s time to talk’, aimed at next generation and new generation family business leaders is set to launch in Lancashire on 6th November.

Development of concept

The concept behind the workshop was developed by a trio of organisations that work with and support family businesses in the region; Be the Business, Thomas Jardine & Co and The Family Business Network. Their aim for the event is to bring together a group of like-minded peers who are working within their family businesses, to share their experiences, address some of the commonplace challenges and take away some positive learnings that can ultimately help to improve business productivity and performance.

Comments from organisers

Workshop designer and facilitator, Jacqui Jackson of consulting firm, Thomas Jardine & Co, said, “We wanted to create an opportunity to support those next generation or new generation leaders of family businesses; those who are taking on the future. The theme centres around talking about the future of the business and about how to approach the necessary and important conversations that aren’t being held.”

Jacqui added, “There are many potential scenarios where working within a family business may put a next generation or new generation in a difficult or awkward situation. These can sometimes threaten their personal development as well as the potential future of the family business. Being able to discuss these scenarios in small peer groups offers numerous benefits, from shared understanding and learning to identifying a common support requirement or need which can be addressed”.

Co-organiser and founder of The Family Business Network, Sue Howorth, commented, “We have seen the needs of our next generation leaders become apparent through the running of our regional events. This has since led us to create ‘The Next Generation Network’ which aims to support next gens in family businesses on various levels. This workshop offers next gens from across the region an opportunity to connect with one another and be a source of support”.

Sheena McDermott, North West Programme Manager for Be the Business added, “We hope that the workshop will encourage the next generation to engage and collaborate from the very start of their leadership journeys, because we know that sharing learning in this way contributes towards increased productivity within businesses”.

The workshop will take place at Dunsters Farm in Bury on Wednesday 6th November. Joint Managing Director, Hannah Barlow, herself a next generation successor will share her thoughts around the transition into a family business.  There will also be the opportunity to have a tour of the Dunsters premises as part of the day.

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